The winners have been chosen and three lucky ladies will soon be hopping on a plane to head to New Orleans and shoot the next FW10 collection with Nikita later this month.

And the winners are:

- Sophia Metzler from Germany - Angelisa Hollick from Canada This time we also decided to add a little twist to the contest and invite a photographer to shoot some behind the scenes photos. Joining us and shooting some pictures is:

- Stefanie Suchy from Germany. Check out some of her work here:

The girls are all naturals and we’re looking forward to seeing the photos from the shoot in November. We will be able to hear straight from them how their experience went meeting the Nikita crew and team girls throughout their time there. The collection itself will still remain for those in the know until its launch in 2010!

Nikita want to say a big thanks to all the girls from all over the world that took part. You rock, you make it so hard for us to pick out winners every time and you are the reason why we will keep doing this contest again and again and again. Until the next time........