Living in Pakistan is a bit difficult because I am normally totally depending on physical activity to maintain my sanity (read: mental and physical health), and as a woman in a Muslim society I face lot’s of restrictions. Luckily I have hooked up with other activity seeking persons here so I’m starting to get a good network of friends I can play with. But these activities are mostly restricted to weekends as weekdays are obviously spent working. Nighttime often gets quite boring because we are under curfew and there aren’t really any other options than staying at home anyway.

Recently I have begun to have yoga classes for other internationals living here, and it has been a great success! I am a total yoga freak, and teaching it gives me even more joy. I practice ashtanga yoga which is quite athletic and dynamic. It is very helpful for my concentration and body control when I jump. And it also gives me lot’s of energy (makes me feel strong and healthy) and makes me an even more happy person (I am normally very happy!) It is great being able to spread some joy and happiness, and there are a lot of people out there who are not at all in touch with their body or mind, who really could use some yoga… My view is that if everybody in the whole world did yoga there would be no more wars…..;-) A bit naive, but I like to believe in the goodness of the human beings.

The pictures are taken in Norway last year in a place called Kjerag where I normally jump a lot.