1) Your idea of a good day out is a trip to the Whole Foods store

Especially if they have a juice bar and organic make-up consultant

Photo: Whole Foods

2) You buy organic...

Photo: wholefoodsdedham.com

3) You think Emma Watson is pretty badass

Photo: Pinterest

4) And you've signed up to every eco campaign under the sun

Photo: Greenpeace

4) You think plastic bags are the devil

plastic bag

5) You'd much rather carry one of these

Photo: epicenter.tumblr.com

6) You aspire to fit all your trash into a single jar

Like Lauren Singer here...

Photo: Lauren Singer

7) Speaking of jars, you love Mason jars...

Photo: The Rigneys

8) And amazing home recycling set ups

Oh god, it's the dream!

recycling bins home

9) This makes you want to punch someone...

throwing litter

10) As does this...

cigarette litter dropping butt

11) I mean, what?

12) You dream of having your own vegetable patch

Photo: Answer Me Up

13) But every time you've tried, it ends up like this

dead vegetable patch

14) And you're a sucker for anything that promotes saving the bees

save the bees

15) Your constantly trying to make people watch The Cove and Blackfish

Photo: Blackfish

16) You get serious fish eating guilt...

Photo: Pix Good

17) If you aren't veggie or vegan already

Photo: bloomforlife.org

18) You really love spending time in nature...

swimming with dolphins

19) Because it's the best thing we've got


20) Why would you want to spoil it?

Photo: The Great Northwest