Barbie has quit her job at SeaWorld in order to stand by her new animal activist beliefs.

Barbie will no longer be donning a SeaWorld uniform and playing with orcas

It seems like the famous doll has had the same wake up call as the rest of us, after watching Blackfish and The Cove. She will no more be seen donning a Sea World uniform and playing with orcas/


Mattel has decided to stop producing the SeaWorld edition of the doll, saying that it isn't viewed as a 'dream job' by children anymore.

When we were younger, SeaWorld Barbie seemed awesome. Now, with all the information we know about the welfare of animals in captivity, the whole thing doesn't hold same magic.

According to reviews from parents, such as the one below, this decision has been a long time coming...


We hope that through Barbie hanging up her wetsuit and refusing to be an ambassador for SeaWorld anymore, more children will learn about animal welfare and oceanic conservation.

If all kids learnt about the captivity of animals in places such as SeaWorld and grew up aware, who knows what changes they could all make one day!

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