The finale of beloved David Attenborough documentary Planet Earth 2 aired on BBC One last night – so rather than burst into tears at the prospect of a Sunday night without fresh Dave, we thought we’d bring you some great news:


If you’ve not seen the final episode of Planet Earth 2, based in and around cities across the world, then this will make very little sense.

But for those of you who did see it, this will be truly astounding news. We were almost brought to tears by the little baby turtles who dazed and confused by the bright lights of the nearby city, were disorientated into heading for the roads rather than the beaches, and found themselves trapped in plastic cups, drains, gutters and even crushed by cars as a result.

Turtle Hatchlings

The BBC Earth Twitter confirmed: “Every turtle which was seen or filmed by the #PlanetEarth2 crew was collected and put back into the sea."

Of course though, the question remained – what about thereafter? What happens next for the baby turtles? Because as great as it is than Planet Earth has highlighted the problem and helped some of the little critters on their way, it’s still going to break our hearts thinking about the tragedies yet to come.

Newly hatched sea turtles sprout from the sand.

The BBC had this answered too though – or at least a wonderful start to the answer – referring concerned fans to local conservationists The Barbados Sea Turtle Project, who helped the BBC during filming and continue to fight for the turtles every day of the year.

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