A Whale has died in Southern Thailand this week, after swallowing over 80 plastic bags, weighing over 8kg (18lbs).

The small male pilot whale was found in a canal near the Malaysian border in the South of the country, looking to be in a bad way. While officials arrived, locals placed buoys under its body to keep the animal afloat and used an umbrella to shield it from the sun.

The Department of Marine And Coastal Services later released a statement stating that although local veterinary services tried their hardest to nurse the whale to health and remove the plastic from it’s stomach, it unfortunately passed away later the same day


Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine biologist and lecturer said the plastic had made it impossible for the whale to eat any food, “if you have 80 plastic bags in your stomach, you die," he said.

People took to Twitter to react to the tragedy, which ironically occurred on #WorldEnvironmentDay, an event aimed towards reducing harm to the planet and pollution, and Protecting the oceans.


This is only the latest in a line of tragedies for the wildlife of Thailand, which has one of the biggest plastic consumption rates in the world. Over 300 marine animals die annually from consuming plastic, according to local biologists from Kasetsart University.

Bangkok, the country's capital city recently started a 'No Bag, No Baht' payment scheme to reduce the enormous 600,000 plastic bags that the capital consumes everyday.