Documentary lovers rejoice! The BBC has confirmed a new series of Blue Planet and we're stoked to report that Sir David Attenborough has been confirmed to be returning as presenter.

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Ever since the BBC's incredible recent series of Planet Earth ended, we have been missing our weekly dose of Sir David A and the wonders of our planet, delivered straight into our front room.

Luckily, we now don't have to wait too long to get our favourite Sunday night viewing back. This new seven-part series focusing on the wonders under the sea will aim to highlight recent scientific discoveries.


"The oceans are the most exciting place to be right now, because new scientific discoveries have given us a new perspective of life beneath the waves," says James Honeyborne, the series' executive producer.

"The new series will feature new and innovative approaches to filming"

"Blue Planet II is taking its cue from these breakthroughs, unveiling unbelievable new places, extraordinary new behaviours and remarkable new creatures."

"Showing a contemporary portrait of marine life, it will provide a timely reminder that this is a critical moment for the health of the world's oceans."


The new series will feature new and innovative approaches to filming like suction cams which attach to the back of Orca, "tow cams" that can capture predatory fish head-on and probe cameras that can record miniature marine life.

Among the new discoveries already announced by the team is the newly named 'Hoff crab', named after David Hasslehoff for its hairy chest.

The new series will be released on the BBC later this year. We can't wait!!

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