Photos of koalas drinking from water bottles and ponds have started appearing on the internet recently. Taken by people all over Australia, they have been widely shared across social media channels for being, well, pretty cute.

However, these photos unfortunately have a dark explanation. Bush fires and droughts, cause by global warming, are drying out Australia's eucalyptus plants and koalas,who usually get their liquids from chewing on these plants, are struggling to get enough liquids to survive.

For this reason, one farmer has invented a drinking station just for koalas, in order to help keep the country's beloved animals alive.


Robert Frend invented the tree station called 'bliny drinkers' when he became increasingly concerned about the amount of koalas that were skin in his area from thirst.

The fairly simple idea was to attach water stations to trees and gives thirsty koalas access to the water. “If I can help, well I get a certain amount of enjoyment out of that' says Frend. "They’re a lovely species."

Trend has now partnered with The University Of Sydney, to look into Koala drinking habits and find a long term solution to the problem. Watch the video below to see what difference his invention has made.