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Animal testing is one of those thing that most of us try not to think about.

Even those of us that aren't vegetarian or vegan still don't like the idea of animals being abused for our cosmetics, yet we all know that it's something that still happens.

Luckily, avoiding products that have been tested on animals is far easier than you'd think, as we've discovered through the amazing blog Cruelty Free Kitty.

Have a browse through our top eight picks of cruelty free makeup, with comments from the minds at Cruelty Free Kitty and check a huge total of 101 brands on their full site here.

Kat Von D


Cruelty Free Kitty say: "Their products are high-quality yet still fairly-priced, and they offer everything from neutrals and nudes to bold and colourful items. Plus, they make the best matte eyeshadow palette ever for those who love matte neutrals. Kat Von D Beauty is my cruelty-free brand of the year for 2017!"

Urban Decay


Cruelty Free Kitty say: "Urban Decay is cruelty-free and Leaping Bunny-certified, but their parent company L’Oreal still tests on animals."

Charlotte Tilbury


One of the UK's favourite makeup brands, Charlotte Tillsbury is not cheap but is worth the price, especially if no animals are hurt in making the products.

Marc Jacobs


Cruelty Free Kitty say: "Marc Jacobs Beauty is cruelty-free, but please keep in mind that their perfumes are not. They belong to a different brand, Marc Jacobs Fragrances (not cruelty-free)"

Too Faced


This brand is known for their fifties' style and plumping lip balms. It's one of our favourites, so we're glad to find out they're one of the good guys!



Cruelty Free Kitty say: "Known for pigmented products and rich colors, sometimes on the shimmery side. NARS is cruelty-free although their parent company Shiseido is not."

Bare Minerals


Cruelty Free Kitty say: "BareMinerals became popular for their mineral foundation, but have now branched out and offer a lot more mineral-based products."

The Body Shop (Owned by L'Oreal)


Cruelty Free Kitty say: "The Body Shop is a great cruelty-free alternative. Their makeup is comparable to some mid-range brands. Their complete range of brushes is vegan!"