Did you know that pigs can't see the sky and mice get bummed out by other mice feeling sad?

We are loving these adorable sad animal illustrations by Brooke Barker.

Did You Know The Oldest Man In Australia Knits Sweaters For Penguins Injured In Oil Spills?

The artist collects interesting (and sometime pretty bleak) facts about animals and creating illustrations to share them on Tumblr and Instagram.


Brooke, 28, lives in Oregon, USA and works as a freelance illustrator. She asks followers on her blog to send in any animal facts they know and she then turns into illustrations.

It's about the twisted and horrible lives of the world's cutest animals

Described as ‘a series about the twisted and horrible lives of the world’s cutest animals,’ we cant decide if we found these drawings adorable or just really sad!

We think our favourite might be the jellyfish without a heart...or may be the Tinder obsessed ferret.


Check out Brooke's blog for more unbearably adorable sad facts and drawings.

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to go find some animals to comfort...

Cheer up guys, it's not all bad!