It sounds like the opening to a Home Alone movie - except this time with a sea lion. Yes, a real life sea lion.

This pup was found trapped under a parked car in San Francisco on Thursday, according to BuzzFeed. He was eventually caught and transported to the Marine Mammal Centre.

There's been a strange influx of malnourished stranded sea lions in the San Francisco Bay area this year. This dude is just is just one of them.

Photo: Amy Hollyfield via. Twitter

This is the second time the pup - nicknamed Rubbish - has been to the Marine Mammal Center since February. They are trying to work out what's causing him to lose weight.

He was treated for pneumonia and nursed back to health, before being released back into the wild on 23 March. Less than two months later, he was back on shore.

Scientists say that warmer waters off the Californian coast have driven, sea lion prey further north earlier in the year, prompting the premature separations between mother and child, according to BuzzFeed.

This means the pups are left to fend for themselves to find solid food at a much earlier age than normal.

At least Rubbish is back in safe hands - and on his way to being healthy once more. Let's hope it stays that way!

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