1) Views take on a whole new meaning when you become a climber

Photo: King

2) You won't look at boulders and mountains the same way again

Photo: Wikipedia

3) You'll get an awesome tan without having to use one of these...

Photo: allsalon.com

4) And it's a really, really great workout

You'll get super strong and toned - and it's fun


5) Although your hands will constantly look like this

But at least you'll have the scars to prove all your hard work paid off

climbing cracked hands

6) You'll have no problem opening jars with your new super strength grip

opening jar

7) You can climb pretty much all year round

Even if it's snowing or chucking it down with rain

Photo: Today Magazine Online

8) There's none of that repetitiveness you get with running or cycling...


9) And you're problem solving ability will be top notch

Put that on your CV!


10) You've got to learn to put your trust in other people

Quite literally, with your life

Photo: This Girl Can

11) It's fun and terrifying at the same time

Even if you don't like heights, it's a good way to cure the fear

Photo: awakeandfindingpurpose.com

12) So, why not give it a go?

Photo: Chris Noble

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