1) When you get to the skate shop and realise there's more than one type of board to choose from...


2) Being faced with your first skatepark and deciding to start on the mini ramp.... with the 10 year olds

PinkHelmetPosse-1024x746 grindTV

3) Then realising they're actually a lot better than you

childskating imgur

4) Falling over happens a lot more than you thought it would

5) You constantly daydream about your mates joining in with your new hobby...

6) But in reality, you get this reaction

7) You've put away your skirts and dresses for a while as you're sporting some new scabby knees

Photo: Tumblr

8) But you feel secretly proud of your new war wounds

9) You imagine you're going to look like this....


10) But soon realise, you look more like this

11) You don't understand a word ANYONE is saying down at the skatepark

12) You have however discovered some awesome clothes made by skate brands...


13) Only to realise they're just as expensive as American Apparel (and still don't match your bank balance)

14) You see a lot of kick ass female skaters around you (while you roll around slowly, and repeatedly fall over)


15) But you always feel inspired by them to get back on your board and keep practising!