1) Because it's totally free...

be free

2) And everyone can do it

3) You'll realise your body is capable of more than you thought it was.

4) You'll get rid of all workday stress in under an hour

5) And give your mind space to think through all problems easily...


6) But also to watch your legs start to look rockin'...


7) Your stomach start to turn to real abs..


8) And your skin get that awesome outside exercise glow!

running outside

9) And its an awesome way to explore your city


10) And meet some pretty cool people


11) To know you can outrun most scary people on the street at night...


12) And the incredible independence that makes you feel

13) For...THE RUNNER'S HIGH (its real!)


14) And of course. To never feel guilty about that extra glass of wine or Sunday morning chocolate croissant every again...

15) It's all fuel for your legs next adventure!