1) There is no better way to get around than by longboard...

longboarding skate gif

2) It's the best way to get to the beach...


3) ... And to work every morning

longboard girl

4) You're saving the planet every time you choose to skate instead of drive

Photo: Pinterest

5) Plus it's super gnarly when you get big hills involved...

Photo: Mikel Echegaray & Rubén Otero

6) You'll look super stylish riding one...


7) Particularly if you can nail cross-stepping

Photo: Network A

8) They're ideal for transporting friends with you...


9) Or for just heading off on a solo adventure


10) You're never too young...

Photo: Victor Colás

11) ... Or old to start riding a longboard

longboarding old lady

12) When you have kids, you can skate with them too...


13) Unlike a bike, you can carry it with you, so it won't get stolen...


14) You can decorate your deck however you like...

Photo: Planea Boards

15) And ride it anyway you choose


16) Because there's no better way to spend your time than on a longboard...


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