1) The mountains mean everything to them

If we're honest, you'll always come second to these snowy peaks. Sorry.

Photo: coffeeinthemountains.tumblr.com

2) They'll work non-stop all summer, if it means they can ride all winter...

Matt Georges/Whitelines

3) They might look scruffy....

Photo: Zach Clanton

4) But they scrub up well...

Danny Davis Snowboarder

5) Their idea of a good date involves hiking up and riding down something really steep (followed by beers in the sunshine)

Photo: powderhighwaytour.com

6) Every surface in their apartment (and yours) will be covered in snowboard kit

7) And there will always be beard hairs in the sink

beard hair dirty sink

8) Powder day? You won't see them 'til after dark

Photo: Whitelines/Aaron Dodds

9) Every moment they aren't snowboarding will be spent watching snowboarding videos

guy playing computer

10) Or playing FIFA

Photo: theoriginalwinger.com

11) Or editing last week's GoPro footage

Photo: GoPro

12) Guaranteed you will have to pick them up from the hospital one day

Luke Mitrani Snowboarder Hospital

13) Be prepared to deal with the consequences of an injured stuck-at-home-snowboarder....

14) They will always be wearing a beanie

Indoors, at dinner with your parents, in the shower, everywhere...

Beanie Hat Snowboarder Season

15) And they can drink everyone else under the table

16) They spend six months of the year living in the most beautiful places in the world

Photo: federicoravassard.com

17) So, you know if you stick with this one, winters are going to be epic forever more...

woman snowboarding beer