1) Your significant other will never understand why you get up at 5am every morning to run around in the dark and rain when you could be snoozing

2) The first mile of a long run is always pure hell...

3) ... But by mile 5, you’re flying

4) The success of a run depends entirely on a good playlist...

5) ... And if your iPod runs out, it is NO LONGER HAPPENING

6) You think anyone wearing Nike Glow leggings are the enemy...

7) … Only because you’re secretly SUPER JEALOUS of them

8) Your house is permanently covered in wet lycra

9) Shopping trips always end up the same way

10) You’ve secretly cancelled plans with friends to go on a long run

11) And when you do go out, any hangover is defeated by mile six

12) You’ve stealth peed outside more than once

13) You've had every running ailment there is...


14) ...And this is both your best friend and your worst nightmare

15) The treadmill is seen as a last resort only...

16) ...But you always end up racing with the gym bunny on the next machine

17) You’re constantly buying these

18) And this

19) All holidays are planned around good running trails

20) You’ve read Born To Run and spend hours arguing about it with other runners

21) You really believe running makes you a nicer person...

22) ...Because however bad your day has been, you’re only a run away from a good mood