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An adult skier was seriously injured after a six year old girl crashed into her while skiing - and now she's suing her.

The female adult skier (who can't be named because of strict Austrian privacy laws) can no longer ski as a result of the accident.

The little girl was skiing with a ski school group when the collision occurred on the slopes of the Hochhäderich mountain in Austria. She is now being sued for €38,000 (£25,000).


The case was brought to the court after a previous attempt to sue the instructor in charge of the little girl who was skiing was dismissed. The judge now has to decide - is this child responsible for the accident?

In Austrian law, children under age 14 can't be held responsible in a civil case - but there is an exception if the child understands the consequences of their actions.

What do you think? Who is responsible for the accident - if anyone? Is it right that children can be sued in this way?