We're feeling super inspired this morning by this video of powerlifter Crystal Tate absolutely bossing it and breaking a world record for powerlifting.

Raw lifting a weight of 600lbs, she became the first women under 198lbs to do so in any competition in history!


Crystal was competing at the XPC Finals Full Power meet in the Pro Classic.

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She completed the meet with epic lifts including a 640 lb squat, 300 lb bench, and the 600 lb deadlift, making a total of 1,540 lb.

We may not powerlifters, but we know that's pretty insane!

Crystal is well know on the powerlifting circuit for making new world records and then breaking them herself the following year.

Last year, she also squatted a ridiculous 700lbs in a competition. So rad.

Check out the video above for Crystals record breaking moment and let's start shouting about how strong women can be!