Cold water surfing is a much harder sell than convincing someone to surf the warm waves of Hawaii and California in a bikini. Real cold water surfing doesn't just require a wetsuit, it requires one so thick you can hardly bend your knees.

Surfers in the UK, faced with our all year cold waters, are more open to surfing frozen waves than their tropical counterparts, but not many of them have ever given surfing Iceland a go.

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Lee Ann Curren and her surfing partner Heidar Logi however, have been travelling around it's beautiful landscape for weeks. Looking for adventure and waves, they were finally rewarded with the amazing swell in this video entitled 'Cold Lines'.

Watch the video and fall in love with this different side of surfing. We bet that by the end, all the surfers out there will be tempted to buy a winter suit and give surfing frozen waves a go....

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