Parkour and free running has had a boost in popularity over the last couple of years.

From being a fairly obscure sport that was mostly practiced by young men, it is quickly becoming recognised as one of the best ways for everyone to explore an urban environment and move their body in a natural and healthy way.

Here at Cooler we've met a few parkour enthusiasts and witnessed some of amazing training sessions, yet we've never some across a female parkour squad before. This is why we're so stoked to find out about We Can Trace.


We Can Trace is a initiative to raise awareness about the vibrant, active female parkour and movement community.

The group holds weekly sessions to cater for women of all parkour levels, full courses to bring you up to a decent level of movement and most excitingly, a Women’s International Parkour Weekend.

"Create a global movement in female parkour."

"Fear of judgement or of failure can stop many women from taking part confidently in physical activities, fitness and movement training" says the group on their site. "The powerful female parkour community shows that this doesn’t have to be the case.

"The initiative aims to inspire more women to get moving and explore their potential, and to shine a light on the existing strong, dedicated female parkour community."


The We Can trace community not only runs their own sessions, they also connect other female parkour groups from all over the world, to create a global movement in female parkour.

Parkour is one of the most freeing and natural types of movement you can do for your body, you won't believe how amazing you feel after an hour of running, jumping, hanging and swinging.

You can catch these rad ladies each week in London for a taster sessions or find out more about them here.

In a time when women are so bored of the gym lifestyle and counting their calories and waists, we think that We Can Trace and their radical view on fitness are the perfect antidote!