Photo: BBC

The internet was alight last week after Georgia Page showed the world what women's rugby is all about.

The Australian student was playing rugby for Lindenwood University Missouri when she broke her nose during he first tackle but she soldiered on for the rest of the match.

She has since been hailed as the "Rugby War Goddess " which apparently she finds hilarious. “I was just doing what every team mate would do!" Georgia told The Independent.

I'm pretty sure all women who play rugby are rugby war goddesses

She managed to make a further two tackles despite the blood streaming down her face throughout the game.

Georgia couldn't believe all the attention it caused - particularly over something as commonplace as a broken nose in rugby.

But she said that all the media attention on this story really highlights what the game is about as well as proving how strong women are.

Georgia Page Rugby Goddess

Since the match, the hashtag #herrugbycounts has been trending, to highlight the issue surrounding what little coverage women's sports receives in the media.

This bone-crunching game was not aired on live TV nor was the final, only the men's matches were.

"I hope that it's a good promoter for women's rugby," she told Buzzfeed. "I hope that it does empower girls to want to play rugby."