Brooke Liebsch

Fourteen year old Brooke Liebsch has made history this month by becoming the first ever female quarterback at her school in Missouri.

The sporty high-schooler has become an accidental role model since taking up football and earning herself the lead position in Liberty North High's team.

"Girls can do anything a guy can do. Girls can be just as strong as a guy," said Brooke in an interview with Fox KC, "A lot of them play football."

Brooke Liebsch

As big female NFL fans, we're stoked that girls in the US are getting the shots in high school teams and embracing the sport along with the boys.

Brooke however, doesn't see the big deal in her position. "One day, I caught a football" she says "And I was like, I want to play football. Let’s go"

So what do her team mates think of their female quarterback? Has there been any tension from the boys?

"She plays like everybody else out there," says LHNS receiver A.J Wood. "She works out like us. Nothing different about her. She's a part of football team"

Yes guys. We couldn't have said it better ourselves!