Photo: Abbie Jebbers via. Surf Senioritas

Is it me or do you still find yourself outnumbered when you go surfing?

Every time I surf at my local break, I count how many women there are in the water.

Often there are two or maybe three female surfers out there - alongside 20 to 40+ men. It still surprises me. We hear statistics that the number of female surfers are constantly on the rise - but where are they?

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I was sat pondering this - until I discovered Surf Senioritas. It's a Facebook group specifically for female surfers in the UK, created by Carys Boulton, Sarah Twells and Dani Robertson .

The idea is members ask for advice, arrange meet ups, discuss surf-related issues and share stories.

There are now a whopping 1,000 members. I can honestly vouch it's totally worth signing up to. They've even got bumper stickers.

Interested in joining? Find the Surf Senioritas on Facebook here.