These fantastic portraits are from London-based Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj.

The artist who grew up in Morocco wanted to show the strength and independence of all women around the world as normal.

The exhibition, Kesh Angels, features the city's locals to show "women who just naturally have this strength, swagger, freedom."


The artist's inspiration for the piece came from a shoot he did in the city a few years ago, wherein everything was foreign.

Women who just naturally have this strength, swagger, freedom...

Wanting the clothes, the products, the location and the models to show the real Marrakesh, Hassan's colourful exhibitions give a true feel of the spirit of Morocco.


"I also wanted to create a repeated pattern in the frame to evoke the mosaics of Morocco in a modern context," Hassan explains in an interview with Vice.

In reality, these women are the artist's friends, who he says work in the main square painting henna, speak four or five languages and in many cases, built their own family homes around the city.

Now that's real kick ass woman...


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