1) Skateboarding is not just for kids

More and more women are taking it up in their twenties and thirties. So what you waiting for?


2) It's easy to cart a skateboard around...

You don't need any special gear - just a board and yourself

penny skateboard

3) And most cities have somewhere you can skate

If you're lucky, your local park will look like this!

Photo: Mpora

4) When you're nowhere near the mountains or the sea, it's just as good as surfing or snowboarding...

Photo: Skateboarder Mag

5) It's a great mode of transport too...

skateboarding with surfboard

6) Super smooth tarmac will take on a whole new meaning...

Photo: jocazz.com

7) Although your knees will look like this...

Photo: Tumblr

8) And you'll spend most of your time surrounded by teenage boys

Photo: maxfieldrealestate.com

9) But there are still a core group of girl skaters out there to hang with

You just need to know where to find them...

Photo: The Bordr

10) Even when you've got kids yourself, there's no excuse for not joining in...

Photo: Encyclopedia of Surfing

11) It's a great excuse to visit Barcelona and California

Photo: edeevo

12) And spend your days musing over which deck to buy...

Photo: galleryhip.com

13) Yes, you will hurt yourself over and over again...

skateboard slam girl

14) But if this little lady can do it, so can you!

Photo: sanclementetimes.com