'Imagine if there were an app like Tinder, but just for snowboarders?' you'll say after a few pints down the pub with friends.

You joke, but did you know it's already been invented? Introducing Snowflake. Yes, it's a new app that matches snowboarders to each other on the mountain.

You just type in your home mountain, ability level and terrain you usually ride - and it will match you up with a fellow snow-riding companion nearby.

People can meet up based on what they love to do on the mountain, rather than just attractiveness

It was set up by 23 year-old Catherine Marston, a snowboarder from Philidelphia, USA.

Marston started the app because she wanted to find people to ride with that weren't park rats like her cousins.

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"My hope for Snowflake is that users will meet up with each other based on ability level and what they love to do on the mountain rather than just attractiveness. Maybe a romantic relationship occurs, but if not, at least they had a great time shredding!" Marston told Transworld Snowboarding.

Unfortunately you can't download it just yet. It's still just a Kickstarter project, but you've still got a bit of time to help Marston out.

What do you reckon? Would you give Snowflake a go?