Photo: Skateistan

Skateistan is one seriously rad charity. These guys work to help children in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa, by using skateboards as a tool for empowerment.

Women in Afghanistan, for example, aren't allowed to ride bikes... but there's nothing to say they can't ride skateboards.

The idea is every child should have the opportunity to play, engage with other young people and learn a new skill.


Route One have just launched their 'Have A Heart' Valentine's Day campaign. Every skate deck that it sold between 14 and 22 February 2015, they will donate £5 to Skateistan.

So, if you were mulling over buying a new deck, now is the time to buy it! Click here to see what Route One have on offer.

Not sure which deck to get? Check out our guide to buying a skateboard for the first time.

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