Photo: Circus Girls

Many of us will have dreamt of running away and joining the circus when we were younger - but what is actually like to be part of a circus crew?

Circus Girls, a new programme on 4OD looks into the lives of six women who perform contemporary circus acts.

Photo: Circus Girls

From fire-eating Missy to contortionist Lily, it is how strong, flexible and creative these women are that binds them together.

They are using their bodies in remarkable ways and the short films are really inspiring - as well as a real insight into an alternative way of life.

Photo: Circus Girls

The directors Umut Gunduz and Shiraz Ksaiba joined on the project together after Umut wanted a female director of photography involved, as women are so rarely found behind the camera in the film industry.

Each episode is only around three minutes each - so why not give one a watch?

Circus Girls trail

Roll up, roll up! Meet the Circus Girls.6 short episodes, only available online. Come this way:

Posted by Channel 4 on Thursday, 6 August 2015