Going Electronic | Why We Should All Try Riding An E-Bike

E-Bikes and MTB, the surprising combination that is changing the sport....

Have you tried an eMTB yet?  It’s easy to fall into the trap of associating eBikes with people that can no longer ride their bikes as hard as they once did and get up the hill that they used to regularly bomb up and down back in the day. This is not the case however, and the real positives of eBikes are seen most clearly  in the world of mountain biking. 

Earlier this year we headed out to the Emerald Enduro World Series MTB event in Ireland to check out how Bosch eBIkes can enhance the sport, allowing us to go harder, ride for longer and train in a different way. Here’s what we found…


1) An eMTB Can Improve Your Bike Handling Skills

We’ve all been there, at the one slippery man-hole cover or cattle grid that caught us a bit off guard.  the sudden engagement of your core to right the back end of the bike and bring it back into place and hopefully carry on with luck, or decent bike handling skills on our side.

There is no doubt that any form of off-road cycling will improve your bike handling skills both on and off the road. Negotiating the mud, the roots, the rocks, not to mention being aware of the space around you and picking the right line accordingly; All this will make you a better rider and more comfortable on the bike.

2) Less Time Going Up Means More Time Coming Down

Bad knees or not, the fact remains that e-bikes will go uphill faster, and so are the best training bike out there for any down-hill riders reading this. Whether you are a time hungry, city dwelling socialite with limited time in the forest, or you spend all day every day training; less time traversing the fire roads means more time doing the fun stuff.

E bikes basically equate to better training and more down-hill runs within any set time frame. And don’t just take our word for it – some of the best DH riders in the world are turning to e-bike systems for exactly this reason.

3) Winter is coming

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, it is the perfect time to dust off the mountain bike and head for the trails. From bombing through the mud to Jack Frost nipping at your wheels, winter off road riding is where it’s at. Come home feeling exhausted and warm up over a cup of hot tea by the fire. Heaven.

4) Splish splash we were having a blast

Go back to being a kid again. Remember being out in the autumn sunshine, rustling through leaves and splashing in puddles when you were young?  You can put that smile back on your face now and do the same on your bike. Unlike a road bike, an e-bike will pretty much take what you throw at it. It may take some getting used to, but once you have this bike mastered, there will be no stopping you.

5) MTBer’s know how to party

Nothing beats the atmosphere of an MTB event. No matter how official the event, from DH world cups to a local affair, the atmosphere is more akin to a group of friends coming together to bike, laugh and party.

Coming from a road bike scene, where such events have a totally different vibe this is pretty refreshing and dare I say it, quite enticing when it comes to swapping a stiff carbon frame for some front and rear suspension.

6) It’s Impossible To Ride Without A Smile On Your Face

And it’s not just the puddles – there is something about mastering the skill of an e-bike that brings a smile from ear to ear. Of course there are multiple settings to choose from, but no matter the setting there is something exciting about the surge of power that each pedal stoke brings, especially when attempting to negotiate the roots and rocks along the way.

Where you might once have coasted through a tight turn then pedaled out of it, now you are given the rare pleasure of child’s play as that nip of power kicks in.

7)  When It Comes To Watching Races You Are Winning

Anyone who has tried to spectate at a downhill race will know that it is virtually impossible to follow any one rider, the most you can hope for it to catch them at a handful of viewing points, but even then you find yourself trudging uphill for the best part of a day for a tw second glimpse of your favourite athlete flying past.

Claus Waschmann, Cube Team Manager has been using e-bikes at major events for years. Laughed at in the beginning, he was the only one to make it to every viewing point with his camera kit and anything the riders might need in tow. Without the e-bike supporting the riders was almost impossible, as unless you are as fast as they are on a regular MTB, you are going to miss them as they fly past.

8) It Gives You Way More Confidence

For anyone who has put their hand to mountain biking but come off a little more bruised an dirty than planned or perhaps negotiated their way through the trail centre in the same way they might approach the John Lewis china section with a hangover in tow, the e-bike might just give you the confidence you need.

An e-mountain bike will pretty much accept whatever you throw its way. So with a newfound ‘point and shoot’ mind-set you will soon be climbing the steepest of hills and tackling the most technical rooty sections without a care in the world. Imagine the kudos.

9) It’s A Great Workout

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you won’t get a good old work-out on an e-bike; no matter how light the bike, swinging one through the trees at your local trail centre takes a good core, and will build one if you’re somewhat lacking to begin with.

10) Women That Mountain Bike Are Awesome

Casually owning it, these MTB women drop in and show the boys how it’s done. They encourage one another and are more than happy to take any newcomer under their wing and show them the ropes. Smashing out the moves on the trails by day and sipping beer around the campfire into the eve, you are guaranteed to have fun.

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