This video is seriously rad in so many ways.

12 year old Isabelly Ávila's video of trying to land an ollie over seriously huge gap has inspired female skaters all over the planet and reminded us of the benefits of perseverance and practice. Isabelly sees a line and knows the trick she wants to attempt, but can't find the nerve. When she goes for the the jump she fails, falls, then gets straight back on her feet to try again. What a trooper.

The footage has inspired skaters all over the world, with Thrasher mag featuring it on their channel and pro skater Chris Cole sharing the clip with his thousands of followers also.

“Skate teaches us to overcome our fears and challenges" says Isabelly on her Facebook page. "And shows us that falling is part of learning and that getting up and continuing is always the way to go."

Check out Isabelly's inspiring moment for yourself below.