What are the most desired body features for women in the UK? You might be surprised at the results.

A new study across 1,500 British women came out this week showing that the three most desired body features were all achievable with an active lifestyle.

The majority of people said they would rely on a fitness regime to achieve their wanted results, instead of dieting

A toned stomach was the most desired feature, followed by a toned bum and defined arms, according to a survey by Voucher Codes Pro.

These three goals are not only healthy, realistic and attainable by being active - but it's also step up from the unrealistic 'nothing tastes as good as being thin feels' bullshit we're used to hearing in the past.

It seems that more and more people are finally realising what we’ve known all along – healthy is (and should always be) the new skinny.

healthy strong woman

And there's more good news. The majority of respondents said they would rely on a gym and fitness regime to achieve their wanted results, instead of taking up extremes measures like strict diets. Hurrah!

It seems like the days of coveting celebrities’ beach bodies are behind us, as online images take over as the main source of body inspiration.

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Amongst the online world, Instagram was unsurprisingly mentioned by 59 per cent of respondents as their main source of inspiration, so #fitspo is pretty much legit now (although it comes with its problems).

The weirdest one to top the charts was a visible collarbone. 29 per cent of women wished they had a jutting shoulder bone after being "inspired from images they've viewed online".

Like Jess Commons says on The Debrief, "three hours ago I'd never even considered my collarbone as a concept. NOW I've apparently got to monitor the podgy-ness of it!"

Collarbones aside, we're just glad that more women aspiring to healthy body types!