Photo: Zeaglass

You might see them walking along the North Cornwall coastline, eyes fixed on the ground, searching. It's not because they're not interested in the rolling seas or beautiful coastline - they're looking for washed up glass.

Surfers Stevi Oliver and Becky Adamczyk decided earlier this year to set up their own jewellery company called Zeaglass.

"We were inspired by the #2minutebeachclean," says Becky. "We started litter picking the beaches around Cornwall and found lots of discarded glass that has been tossed, softened and frosted by the sea."

Photo: Zeaglass

Stevi studied jewellery design at university and was inspired to use these gems to produce eco-friendly jewellery using recycled sterling silver.

"The jewellery is named after areas around Polzeath in North Cornwall - and things that remind us of the beauty of Cornwall," says Becky, a trained vet and creative entrepreneur with a passion for the environment.

They make a whole range of piece - from dangling earring pendants to twisted metal rings - all featuring this beautiful scavenged glass.

Zeaglass Seaglass

Each piece of jewellery is unique and handmade, which is what really drew us to the brand in the first place.

"It's interesting because seaglass is both a natural and man-made product," says Becky. "Despite its beauty, we want people to consider where it's come from - and hopefully reduce littering in the future."

Their jewellery not only makes use of waste materials, but as Becky says, they hope people will see Zeaglass as a way to keep a piece of Cornwall with them at all times, whether they live there or not.

Photo: Zeaglass

You can buy Zeaglass Jewellery from their website - with earrings starting at just £8.