Most people would say that they got better at dressing and developed a cooler sense of style with age.

Here's an idea though... What if our style doesn't get better at all, just more boring and conventional?

Maybe we had the right idea back when we were still chugging down sherbert straws and playing tag in the street. Our younger selves wore some pretty rad clothes!

Now the sun's coming out and we want to wear something fun, we're considering bringing them back and rocking them once again....


Let's be honest. The kids with these on the first day of school were the cool kids.

They were the ones who had the best bowling parties and were allowed to walk home on their own after class.

These shoes will never not be cool. Everyone (yes I'm looking at you, city suits) secretly wishes they could still wear them to work everyday.

Where can I get some now?

Get this, such a thing as 'adult light up trainers' actually exist and they're pretty damn rad!

For those of us who want the best in our flashing footwear, check out these super expensive ones.

For the rest of us- we'll just have to wait till Topshops sold out Glow shoes come back into stock...


Is there anything more nineties than a good pair of dungarees?

We've been rocking these guys from before we could walk, from the cute flowery cotton ones to the real heavy denim business from Levi's and Gap.

The current playsuit trend around us doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, but we want no part of it- pass the overalls!

Where can I get some now?

Yep! Dungarees are a sure stay in shops this summer. Long, short, skirt or shorts, choose from slimmer black styles to bagger light denim originals.


The most fun you could have with what was basically just a rubbish phone.

The huge aerials meant they probably weren't quite as inconspicuous as we imagined.

The 3 kilometre reach however, meant that we could whisper into our wrist at the dinner table and our friend across the street could hear us.


Where can I get one now?

Ohh, I don't know. I guess, the Apple Watch is the nearest equivalent?

Although if I'm expected to spend £300 on a Watchitalkie courtesy of Steve Jobs, I might just tape my old Nokia to my wrist instead...


Jelly shoes made no sense is summer. They were made of PLASTIC. Plastic sweats, as do your feet.

This means memories of running around with an ice lolly in hand are forever connected to the fear that you're might slip right out of your sandal.

But everyone wanted them, 'cause they had little bits of glitter in the straps. That's definitely worth a broken ankle or two...

Where can I get some now?

Last year these shoes became a legit fashion trend and we loved it and hated it in equal measure.

There not so popular so far this year. However they can still be found in your local American Apparel or preferred hipster shop.


There was a period in the nineties when hair accessories exploded.

Not literally, that would've been dangerous. However, the rules seemed to be the more crap you had in your hair, the better.

From butterfly clips to feathered scrunchies to bright purple hair mascara - anything went.

The king of hair accessories, carefully saved for school discos, was the sprayable hair glitter.

Shake up a can, spray it on and you had magic hair for the rest of the day (or until it had all fallen out onto your clothes)

Where can I get some now?

Glittery hair still has its place in adult life, serving as a great look for festivals and the crazier end of parties. However, it doesn't work so well in everyday life.

Being adults, we can do whatever we want to our hair. I've decided to colour mine turquoise and pretend I'm a mermaid, check it out here.


Summer break meant that you and your best friend wore tie dye t-shirts in different colours for six weeks running.

The best ones had tassles, beads hanging off the bottom and some kind of dolphin or palm tree on the front.

You just had to make sure you matched your t shirt to your new summer hair braid.

Where can I get one now?

While tie dye can be worn as part of an adult wardrobe, single or muted colours make the look more happy free spirit and less dirty marijuana den.

Saying that, I walked around in this jazzy number for the whole of last summer, so I guess, do what makes you happiest.


They weren't trainers, they weren't roller skates, they were so much more.

In your Heelys, you could be walking along enjoying the sunshine until you needed to get somewhere, then onto your heel you lean and off you roll.

Parents were jealous of these even at the time, we pretty sure of it.

Where can I get some now?

I have no idea why these haven't been adapted into some kind of 'commute boot'(copyright Lou Boyd) yet, but unfortunately they have not.

You can get Heelys in adult sizes, but it's undoubtedly a brave look. If you do want to go for it though, knock yourself out!

(Hopefully not literally, do have a few practice runs in your front garden before you take to the streets)


These were our fancy socks to wear at Sunday lunch with the grandparents and classmates' birthday parties.

They went equally well with shoes and dresses as they did with trainers and dungarees.

The wilder girls had colourful frills that they showed off. Most had white ones, that they were ok with. Some had cream frills, which they knew were a mistake.

Where can I get some now?

Yet again, another style that has appeared on our current fashion radar. Is fashion just regressing?

At least you can wear them under your adult jelly shoes to simultaneously look edgy and avoid slip...


The sure sign you've just been on holiday with your parents for a fortnight.

The primmer girls would have these taken out by the first day of the new term. Others however would let them grow out as long as possible.

At some point, your mum said enough and cut them out, leaving a little tuft of hair that would not stay down for months after.

Where can I get one now?

Once again, it's a matter of taste (and boundaries).Can we walk around with braids as adults? Sure.

There's no questioning that it will look on the kookier bohemian end of hair styles, you've got to commit.

Check out these awesome ideas here.


Jewellery you can eat seemed like the best idea, especially if (like us) you enjoyed the idea of taking snacks for emergencies.

(Probably inspired slightly by Paddington Bear's marmalade sandwiches.)

The reality was however that once you'd taken one bite, the candy got progressively stickier and you smelt a little too much like spun sugar for the rest of the day.

Where can I get some now?

I looked for an adult alternatives to candy necklaces and bracelets and came up with a plethora of weird sexy stuff such as candy briefs and pina colada flavoured thongs.

I imagine that you'd still have much the same problems as above...

Thanks, but no thanks.