Surfing Clothes 1

The days are starting to draw in. The leaves on the trees are slowly turning gold. The water is getting colder and the swell is rollin' in.

It's autumn. No longer will we be able to just tug on shorts, t-shirt and flip flops after surfing.

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We need a few more layers to keep us warm after one of those chilly sessions in the sea.

We have put together ten items we would love to have this autumn...

Roxy Karid Monochrome Knit Cardigan

Price: £75

When you peel off a cold wetsuit, all you want is something warm and cosy to wrap yourself up in.

This loose-fit Roxy cardigan is perfect. It's longer length will keep the wind out, and you can easily rock it to the pub afterwards.

Buy the Roxy Karid cardigan here

Roxy Horizon Blue Jeans

Price: £60

There is nothing worse than pulling on skinny jeans after you've just got out of the sea.

These relaxed fit jeans will feel like pulling on a pair of your boyfriend's denims. They won't cling to your thighs and you will be eternally grateful you picked them up.

Buy the Roxy Horizon Blue jeans here

Rocket Dog Temecula Galaxy Boots

Price: £69.99

The days of wearing flip flops after surfing are fading away. It's autumn and you need something more sturdy to keep those feet warm.

These Rocket Dog boots are great for pulling over cold toes. We particularly like the fabric ankle sock rolled over the top.

Buy the Rocket Dog Temecula boots here

Vissla Pier Beanie

Price: £17.99

American surf company Vissla only make clothing for men, but we couldn't resist including this beanie.

Mustard yellow will brighten up any dull winter outfit - and keep your noggin toasty after a dip in the cold North Atlantic.

Buy the Vissla Pier beanie here

Dryrobe Advance Surf Waterproof

Price: £94.99

They might not be the most stylish accessory in every surfers car boot - but the Dryrobe is a total lifesaver after you get out of the surf.

This one has a thick fleecy lining and a waterproof exterior, so you can stay dry and warm even if it's pouring with rain when you're getting changed.

Plus you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone. Win-win.

Buy the Dryrobe Advance here

Burton Grace Shirt

Price: £50

Flannel shirts are super insulating, so you'll be glad to put this on after a chilly dip in the sea.

We like this boyfriend-style shirt from Burton, because it's not in the least bit girly but it is cut to fit a woman's shape.

Buy the Burton Grace shirt here

Stance Socks Luna

Price: £9.99

You've got the boots - now you need to socks to go with them.

Stance Socks are anything but boring. They create some of the warmest (and jazziest) numbers out there.

We like this aztec print a lot.

Buy the Stance Luna socks here

Burts Bees Intense Hydration Day Cream

Price: £19.99

Whenever I get out of the surf, my face is crusted up with salt.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to pop into the toilets only to find my eyebrows look like they've been dusted with sugar.

If you're heading straight out after your surf, you don't want to look like a flaky sea urchin, use this moisturiser.

It's made from 99 per cent natural ingredients and keep your skin soft and plump all day.

Buy Burts Bees Intense Hydration Day Cream here

Finisterre Koppen Mac Caramel

Price: £175

Let's be honest, if you're surfing in the winter in the UK, you need a good shower-resistant jacket afterwards.

You don't want your dry clothes to get soaked while your tying those boards back on the roof of your car.

This jacket is a super soft cotton coated mac, made and sourced in Belgium.

Buy the Finisterre Koppen Mac here

Volcolm Thermos Flask Mug

Price: £34.99

There's nothing better than having a hot flask of tea in your car after a freezing winter surf.

We're loving this design from Volcom. It comes with a matching mug, so you can warm your hands while you drink your brew.

Buy the Volcom flask and mug here