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Vans are well-known for collaborating with the coolest artists, brand and designers on the planet.

Some of their limited edition collections have been awesome - from high-end fashion designers like Kenzo to their brand new Disney series.

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There's even an Vans x Disney exhibition going on at the House of Vans in London right now until 14th June. Check out more information here.

Love Vans? Then click back through these amazing designs from today and yesteryear...

Vans Disney

This have just dropped in the shops this week - the Disney x Vans collaboration with bright bold Mickey and Goofy prints on the outside. We're loving this pair.

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Van Liberty

Liberty London are famed for their traditional floral prints, so you might think it seemed a strange collaboration with a skate brand.

However, it's worked perfectly. Check out these rad slip-ons above.

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Vans Zio Ziegler

Who the hell is Zio Ziegler, I hear you cry. He's a mural artist from San Francisco and he's teamed up with Vans to produce this amazing jazzy tribal-style collection. We're loving them.

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Vans Kenzo

This was one of our favourite collaborations of 2013. Leopard print exploded over Vans classics shoes and brightened up dull skinny jeans across the world.

Sadly, they're out of production now but you might be able to pick up a cheeky pair on eBay.

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Vans Cobra Snake Collette

There was a phase a couple of years ago when everyone went burger mad.

Vans jumped on the meaty trend and put together this awesome shoe with photographer Mark Hunter (the Cobra Snake) and French brand Colette.

Note: the bun is whole wheat. Very on trend.

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vans pendleton taka hayashi

Classic American brand Pendleton have always been good with their Native American prints.

So when they teamed up with painter/illustrator/graphic designer Taka Hayashi things really kicked off.

We just wish these were still sold in store.

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Marvel Vans

For all the comic nerds out there, yes Marvel did team up with Vans at one point with spectacular results.

We're a big fan of these vintage comic strip mash-ups. After all, who didn't love the Silver Surfer?!

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Snoopy Peanuts Vans

Last year Vans revived this long-lost Snoopy print from the Vans Vault. It was originally used in the 1980s for the opening of Camp Snoopy in Knott’s Berry Farm, California.

We've always had a soft spot for Snoopy - and these shoes tick all the boxes.

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You know how the UK has the RSCPA? Well, in America, they have the same kind of animal charity called the ASPCA.

Vans teamed up with them to create these crazy cat montage shoes, designed in support of the ASPCA’s life-saving work for animals. Don't worry dog lovers, they have canine versions too.

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Star Wars Vans

"Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi!" You'll have a legitimate excuse to produce this line at every occasion when wearing these Star Wars themed bad boys.

Before you start humming the theme tune to yourself, they now currently only available in America.

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The Beatles Vans

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of groundbreaking first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show (their first live TV performance in the USA), Vans brought out these awesome Ringo/John/Paul/George themed shoes.

The footbeds are even Yellow Submarine themed. Nice.

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