jonesingforjewelry Mountain Stacking Ring

Is it me or is everyone obsessed with rings right now?

Every hand you shake it is bedecked with opal gems, stacked silver bands and rings they've just casually picked up while backpacking in India.

Stars, Compasses & Coral Reefs: 8 Pieces Of Jewellery Inspired By The Outdoors

Saying that, we love a good ring - particularly one that's a little bit different from everyone else's selection.

We've picked out a few of our favourites. Time to get browsing...

CentimeGift Latitude Longitude Ring Etsy

Price: £23.73

Now, this is a great personalised gift. Get the coordinates of a special place etched into the ring for them to remember forever.

It's made from gold-plated sterling silver and can be ordered in any ring size.

Nice one, Centime Gifts. We like.

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Janet Miller Ring

Price: £1,450.14

Wow, it's pricey - but it's also so beautiful. Janet Theresa makes a whole array of beautiful glacier-inspired rings from white gold.

We can't afford it, but it's going on our wish list.

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Leaf Branch Ring MakiYDesign

Price: £11.83

Intertwined leaves on a branch makes this is a super simple, unique ring from MakiY Design.

It's gold-plated brass - and for just over £11, you can't really go wrong. Just maybe keep it away from water.

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Little Daisy Ring Alex Monroe

Price: £135

Alex Monroe is one of our favourite jewellery designers.

His super simple gold and silver designs are classic yet include fun modern characteristics - from moulded bees to silver daisies.

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Moon Ring Made By Daisy Etsy

Price: £35

We like this ring so much, we've just ordered it.

Moons are classic shapes that never grow old. Handcrafted in Staffordshire, this ring can be stacked or worn on its own.

There's a star version, if you're more into stars.

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jonesingforjewelry Mountain Stacking Ring

Price: £25

This is such a cool stackable ring. The sun section and the mountains detach to form two separate rings - or you can wear them together to complete the landscape.

You can choose from the text, Wander, Explore, Climb or Hike - or customise it yourself.

The sun is made from natural citrine stone.

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Monica Vinader Siren Ring

Price: £120

Monica Vinader is the jewellery designer everyone is talking about across the UK right now.

Even if you don't give a damn about trends, you've got to admit that this is one gorgeous ring.

Made in Norfolk, it's green onyx gemstone on 18ct gold plated vermeil on sterling silver. We think it's pretty reasonable for the price.

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Rock 'n' Roll Rave Ring Minimal2Boho

Price: £10.50

Looking for something a bit different? This Rock 'n' Roll Rave ring from Minimal2Boho is right up your street.

Edgy, simple, very reasonably priced - what's not to like?

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Silver Hill Jewellery Organic Ring

Price: £65

If you're looking for something a bit classy and high quality, this silver ring is super nice - and not astronomically expensive.

Silver Hill Jewellery designed a whole range of organic, intertwined rings dotted with gemstones. This one's ideal if you're more of a simple design fan.

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Rosella Resin teal seaglass stacking ring

Price: £27.05

Resin rings are normally associated with kids' jewellery - but these ones are so good-looking. The resin is filled with gold flakes to give this cool pattern.

Don't they remind you of a world globe, cut into ring-shaped sections?

They come in a range of thicknesses and colours, so you can stack them and mix up the tones.

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