You're off to travel the world! Summers don't get any more exciting than when you're setting off across the world for months on end.

8 Things That'll Definitely Get You Into Trouble While Backpacking Around The World

Have you considered yet how you are going to pack a year's worth of clothes into one backpack? Scary stuff, right!

Don't fret! From sunnies to bug repellent, we've got 12 basic backpacking essentials that will get you on your way...


Price: £115.00

When choosing your bag, you better make sure you choose right- this bad boy will be living on your back for the next 12 months!

This pack from Lowe Alpine is a great choice. It's made especially for the female body, so it will sit comfortable around your waist without straining your back or shoulders.

It's 65 litres plus 10 litres in size, which is ideal for extended journeys around the world.

Storage is divided into two compartments with a buckled lid allowing access at the top and a lower zip giving access from the bottom.

The compartments can be turned into one large space if needed and there's loads of extra space around the pack.

If you run out of space inside, you can strap equipment to the outside using the strong lash points and the supplied accessory straps.

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Price: £69.95

Let's be honest, when you're travelling you need some pretty rocking sunnies to wear in all your photos.

Luckily, we've found a whole lot of them over at Tribe HQ.

This awesome company is made up of adventurers and travellers, so you know they've got your back.

All sunglasses are carved from wood and made by hand. We love them!

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Price: £40.00

Put down that smartphone!

There's only one real way to log your travels when journeying around the globe and that's with pen and paper.

Check out this amazing travel journal from Midori. The leather used for this awesome book looks better as it ages, meaning the harder you travel, the more beautiful your journal will look.

The journal also includes its own cotton carry case as well as a spare brown and orange band to keep it all together.

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Price: £45.00

These Roxy trousers will both look awesome and work great in hot climates.

The light cotton material and loose fit means that they are sure to become your new favourite trousers.

The perfect choice for travelling to countries where you don't want to burn your pins and putting on jeans seems like the worst idea in the world

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Price: £196.80

Two very important things are required of your main pair of shoes when travelling.

1) They keep your feat comfy and dry whatever the weather/climate/ terrain

2) They look damn good with all your cool travelling outfits

These Danner boots do a mighty fine job on both counts. The low ankle height means that you can even rock the with a dress, if the mood takes you.

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Price: £35.00

While there's sure to be many places during your travels where you want to throw on a bikini and soak up the rays, there might be some places where you want to cover up just a little bit more.

Choose a pretty swimsuit like this to have the best of both worlds.

It looks awesome on its own when you fancy a dip, but also looks respectable with a pair of black harem pants if you fancy walking into town.

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Price: £35

While you might be tempted to pack a heavy jumper for the colder nights, this probably isn't the best way to go.

Layering is actually far more effective in keeping you warm and you've just tripled your outfit choices for the same weight as one heavy knit.

We're lusting after this Finisterre hoody at the moment, along with all their base layers.

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Price: £12.69

One thing we can promise you're going to need is a decent bottle of sunscreen. Nothing takes the joy out of adventure quite like red, sore sunburn.

However, many sunscreens just aren't very good for the environment - and it plays on our conscience.

Luckily, we've found this option that's great for protecting our skin, while leaving us feeling good that it's not hurting the planet!

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Price: £44.99

It's rare that you have a need to dress up when your living mostly out of hostels and vans, but it does happen.

For the rare occasion where a nice outfit is needed, we've found that a light, non-crease dress is your best bet.

A cool, light option like this Volcom dress above can be screwed up and thrown around, yet still look lovely.

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Price: £12.95

Wolf and Whistle have some awesome designs to keep your important documents and belongings together.

This Jack Kerouac inspired card holder is just one of a rad range using map design.

Keeping your cards and passport organised has never looked so stylish!

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Price: £9.55

Just like we don't want to be hurting the planet with our sun protection, we don't want to be spraying harmful chemicals in our bid to not be eaten alive by bugs.

Incognito is a mosquito repellent that is not tested or derived from any animal and is registered with the Vegan Society.

As well as being pretty saintly, it also works as an extra protection against malaria. Sweet!

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Price: £45.00

While comfy boots will become your new best friend when on the road, sometimes you just want some a bit prettier.

Enter the colourful sandal.

These Miss KG shoes are super comfy and look great with both bikinis and shorts.

Plus they've got a secure strap around the back of the ankle, so they'll still keep you safe if you have to spontaneously climb the side of a mountain to get to your next hostel.

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