What better way to whip around the place than a pair of rollerskates?

Forget Skateboarding, These Women Have Swapped Boards For Rollerskates

Today's version is a bit clunky for our liking though, so let's haul ass back to the olden days when rollerskates were stylish.

We're bringing back the vintage blades... They were so pretty after all! Let us know which ones are your favourite...


Let's kick this off with a classic pair...white with red wheels. You can't deny it, that girl looks cool, even though she left the house without putting trousers on.

Same look here, but pink wheels for the girlier girls amongst us.

And if you are feeling really wild, why not mix it up with some multicoloured wheels!


All black... Awesome. Plus, you'll never have to wash them.

Blue, stripes, brown wheels, mismatched laces... The more random the better, we say!

Comfort paired with 70s classic colours. What more could you want?

Knee high socks and vintage skates - we like.


Seriously, bravo... We like her cap!

etsy 3

Looking fairly worn, always a good sign!


She must have fallen over?! Her skates are cool though...

Another woman down... Nice socks!

He's rocking these rollers!

Venice Beach Rollerskaters of the 1970s (1)

Seriously short shorts to match her rollerblades...

YES! White with aqua wheels.

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates

We've the best for last, these are so pretty!

Get on over to the Moxi website to get yourself a pair, or else if you're penniless just go rummaging in a charity shop.