Getting a tattoo is a big deal and if you want a design that you’ll be proud of forever, it should be of something that makes you smile.

Here at Cooler, what makes us happiest is the big wide world and the adventures we have in it.

Whether your happy place is in the Alps, out at sea or in the middle of nowhere with nothing but fields ahead, you know if you’re a nature junkie.

Check out our list of simple, stylish and unique tattoos that celebrate a love of everything outdoors while looking fresh and new.

Flick through, feel inspired and start wondering where you’re going to have yours…

Tiny Tats


For anyone considering their first ink, tiny tattoos like this foot wave are a perfect little nod without committing to a big design.



A gutsy tattoo to get. This huge tree design manages to still look striking and elegant despite its bold size.

Night Sky


Map out the night sky on your skin. Join them up like this design, or leave the star points separate for a super minimalist look.

Mountain Tops


This design maps out the Ardes mountain range in Ecuador. Make a silhouette of your favourite place. This idea could be adapted to the shape of a forest, coastline or even a swell!

The Right Direction


Compass tattoos risk looking a little too navy inspired. We’re loving this minimalist take on the traditional tat.

Simple Statements


This one speaks for itself and the font makes it look great. Simple tattoos like this are great for unusual placement so don’t feel like you need to stick to the forearms!

Go Geo


Part origami, part geometeric. These designs are the perfect way to do animal tattoos differently.

Be Inspired By Art

Andrei Nikolnik

A twist on the theme. These Andrei Nikolnik designs are a mix of nature and art, tidily placed within clean circles.

Clean Lines

Home Poked

Silhouette designs, when done right, look super clean. Small designs are great for this type of tattoo and can be as detailed or as sparse as you fancy!

Favourite Things


Forest. Mountain. Ocean. Wherever you go, take these best friends with you.

Map Your Way


With maps, the less detail the better. We love the idea of putting a little dot over your favourite places.

Twin Peaks

Emily Bower

Pencil sketch styles and thin lines break up prominent tattoos and give them a more delicate look!

Wolf People


We’re head over heels with these wolfy arm tats. This mix of soft edges and geometric shapes is really popular at the moment and looks super cool in real life.

Monochrome Sunflower


While regular sunflower tattoos can fade quite quickly this black and white alternative will last the test of time!

Full Moon


The detail on this moon is insane. We love the hauntingly beautiful vibe this design has.



Such a great idea for a sleeve, carry the universe with you wherever you go.