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Everyone is rocking plaits at the moment.

Whether you're a snowboarder trying to keep your hair out of your mouth or a climber trying to stay cool, plaited hair is great because it's super practical and looks damn cool.

We've put together a few of our favourite plaits. Thick, luscious numbers that are guaranteed to give you hair envy.

Now, if only we could grow our hair that long...

red hair plait

Who doesn't love a good solid plait? This one's certainly helped by the fact that this woman's hair colour is unbelievable...

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Just like the last, this one's a beauty of a braid... 1

Now this is a pretty rad variation on the typical half up, half down. A little twisted plait to keep everything together.

Just a little braid tucked behind one ear reminds us of festival style and/or Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. In a good way.

double braids tumblr

If you've got the right length hair, go for double French plait braids like these here. Ideal for keeping your hair out of your face.


Now this is one perfect plait... Can we have please?

This is a super chic way to mix up having your hair down all the time. Plait two sides and draw them together at the back... 2

Ahhh to have luscious, thick hair like this lucky woman... A great combination of two different plaits.

plait freepeople

This is such a great idea. Weave your plait into a messy ponytail...


A plait within a plait within a plait.... It's all starting to get a bit metaphysical.

plaited hair tumblr

We're loving this gorgeous dip-dyed number. Two tone hair always looks cool in a big long plait...


Ideal for when it starts to get hot and you can't bear having your hair swinging around your neck.

braided pony tail tumblr

Go French with this tightly knotted plait-turned-pony tail...

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Fixing Bad Hair Days

Just because short hair doesn't mean you can't get involved with plaits. This is a perfect example.


Loose at the top and twisted to the side into a messy plait. We like.

Bored of having your hair just hanging down by your face? This neat little braid is a great way to mix things up...