Yoga Tattoo Featured Image

Tattoos come in all forms, but have you noticed nowadays how many yoga lovers have got some awesome inked designs?

20 Awesome Yoga Spaces You’ll Want To Create In Your Home

Many of these symbols come from the yoga tradition and Hinduism. These tattoos not only look beautiful but many have deep spiritual meanings as well.

We picked a few of our favourites. What do you think?

Yoga Tattoo

Now that's a cool place for an 'om' tattoo, a symbol which has deep spiritual significance in Hinduism.

Yoga Tattoo 2

Geometric colourful mandala-esque back piece? We like.

Yoga Tattoo We Heart It

This tattoo reads 'ahimsa' which means respect for all living things and avoidance of violence towards others, in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist tradition.

Yoga Tattoo Sun Salutation

How funny is this? Sun saltuations in stick men form! Each to their own...

Yoga Tattoo Tumblr

This beautiful mandala-style tattoo is so intricate and detailed - it must have taken hours.

Yoga Tattoo Zoe James Absey

Wear your 'om' like a ring.

Yoga Tattoo Pinterest 2

The lotus flower is a particularly favourite for back tattoos. In Hinduism, it is associated with beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity.

Yoga Tattoo Courage in Tibetan Sanskrit

The classic lotus again with 'courage' written in Tibetan sanskrit.

Yoga Tattoo yogalifedaily

Wow! That is one beautiful Ganesha tattoo. He is the elephant god according to Hinduism, representing the soul and the earthly body of human beings.

Yoga Tattoo Sara Navjord

Mandalas always make a statement. This beautiful one is big and bold - you can't miss it.

Yoga Tattoo Namaste

This one is subtle, but effective. 'Namaste' means the light (or soul) in me honours the light in you. It's often used as a greeting in India and Nepal.

Yoga Tattoo Moon Rachel Brathen

You've probably heard of Rachel Brathen.

She's the internet yoga sensation who lives on the Caribbean island of Aruba and has 1.5 million followers.

We really like her phases of the moon tattoo.

Yoga Tattoos 1 @AshleyGalvinYoga

Lovin' yoga Ashley Galvin's side sanskrit tattoo here.

Yoga Tattoo Sarit Photography

Colourful mandalas are the way forward.

Yoga Tattoo Michele Young

So tiny - yet so effective.

Yoga Tattoo Gizz Debz Adrian Lazo at Buena Suerte Tattoos in Pharr, TX

This back piece is amazing - inked by Adrian Lazo from Buena Suerte Tattoos in Pharr, Texas USA.

Yoga Tattoo Chakra Spine Photobucket

This is a great idea - chakras etched down the spine.

Yoga Tattoo Pinterest

Such a delicate lotus design. We like this one a lot.

Yoga Tattoo

Simple lotus flower that's easy to keep covered up (if you want to).

Yoga Tattoo 1

The Hamsa isn't specifically yogic or Hindu in origin. It's actually a North African/Middle Eastern symbol for protection.