1) You regularly wish that wellies, cut offs and glitter could be part of your day-to-day wardrobe


2) Your Facebook photo is still a picture of you dancing covered in mud and paint...


3) And you have Facebook albums dedicated entirely to photos of the bands you've seen...

london grammar

4) You've watched last year's festival's montage videos hundreds of times

5) Your pub talk regularly consists of getting your friends to guess this season's headliner

6) You've already started planning this year's outfits...


7) You've already bought at least one piece of festival clothing off eBay...

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8) And your headdresses are safely stored in your bedroom, ready to return next summer


9) You're constantly day-dreaming about last year's mental festival raves....

10) ... Which make night's out in your city seem rubbish by comparison

11) You can reel off the acts performing at each of the big festivals at the drop of a hat

12) And your excitable tweets have been retweeted by festival's Twitter page. Already...


13) You KNOW the horror of trying to buy a Glastonbury ticket...

14) And have more festival ticket release dates on your calendar than friend's birthdays...

15) You've had your entry wristbands on for so long that they're becoming a biohazard


16) You own a bum bag (or more than one)...


17) Weekend camping tickets are more important to you than food and basic life necessities

18) The week before a festival is basically like the lead up to Christmas

19) And you know post-festival blues ALL too well

20) But the minute the season is over, you know it's time to start planning for next year!