If you're anything like us, when bikini season comes around you go straight to those old faithful brands or head to the high street.

The problem is once you hit the beach you'll always see five other people rocking the exact same look.

This year we've decided no more!

You know that one girl on the beach in the amazing bikini? This year that's going to be us.

These independent bikini brands are a little lesser known. We bet you won't see anyone else wearing the same suit as you at the shore.

You probably will keep getting asked where you got it from though...


Mikoh is the work of California sister duo Oleema and Kalani Miller.

The brand's name comes from 'miko' which once meant "female shaman" or “female prophecy" which we really like!

The sisters, who have lived by the ocean their entire lives, know a thing or two about a good bikini....

These bikini's look good off, but check out their online lookbook - you won't believe how awesome these styles look on!


Zsa Zsa...whut?

ZsaZsaZsu comes from Sex and the City. Carrie describes it as the feeling you get when you see something you really really like.

... That's kind of how these bikinis make you feel too.

We really dig how they manage to be both girly and edgy at the same time and we're after the Coconut design!

Check out their new designs and we promise you won't come away empty handed.


Lilliput and Felix make bikinis for the woman who "doesn’t seek to be the centre of attention, but she turns heads wherever she globetrots; enjoying life to the full in all its beauty, the world is her playground and effortless style is a given".

We love this ethos and more than that, we love their bikinis.

Check out the Paeonia curve top in gun flint and the bandeau top in hot coral.

We can't decide which we like more. We may just have to get both....


Flagpole Swim's founders have made a line of swimwear that combines city life and beach living.

We really like the athletic edge this years collection has. You can imagine that these sets would hold up perfectly in the ocean.

The brand even has evening styles! They can take you all the way to dinner, but they are adaptable enough to be ready for adventure in between.


Manhattan designer Mara Hoffman's passion for love, light and cosmic wonder in her bikini design has got her some attention from some pretty impressive fans.

She launched her first collection after studying at Parsons School of Design in New York City and studied at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London.

We're big fans of vibrant tribal designs here at Cooler and these bikinis have got us all excited about hitting the beach this summer.

south beach1

Two year old company South Beach launched with the idea of making designer style bikinis, with a cheaper price tag.

The result of this is super high quality bikinis in vibrant colours and designs.

the high waisted style is going to be everywhere this summer, and South Beach has some of the best options we've seen so far!