There are a whole lot of cringey slogan t shirts out there in the world of workout gear.

While most of the time we go for a safe plain or patterned style, every now and again a really cool tee comes out and makes us break our rule.

Charli Cohen's 'Dressed to Kale' t shirt went down a storm at her London catwalk show and has made us rethink our opinion on slogan tees.

Check out these eight awesome t shirts that prove that workout clothes can be both funny and stylish.


We are huge Sweaty Betty fans over here at Cooler and could not be more stoked that they have extended their yoga range recently.

This vest has a great thin strapped back which will look awesome with a pretty sports bra and is made from soft speckled cotton.

We can't wait to hit the studio wearing this.

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They Keep You Alive

This t shirt is just a little bit weird, which makes us like it a lot.

It's not completely clear on their photos, but this tee has a message saying 'they keep your alive' under the trainers.

It's a subtly inspirational message to work out that doesn't make you cringe. Fitsporation feeds could learn a lesson or two from this company..

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tshirt Killin-It teeisland

A simple, straight forward slogan that sums up how you feel when you get the chance to really stretch your muscles and get your heart going.

On the other hand, we feel the tee is equally suitable for those lazy Sunday afternoons binge watching Mad Men.

When it comes to chilling out, we're really killin' it.

There are many version of this t shirt out there if you look, but we dig this fit from Tee Island.

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savasana yoginiandco

We've got so much love for this cheeky yoga tee from Yogini And Co.

While you classmates will see it as a joke, truth is, we've all had those days when we've dragged ourselves to class, only to spend an hour dreaming about the chance to have a bit of a rest at the end.

We also think this would work as a great PJ top. It's all one long Savasana...

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tshirt chali cohenpaint

Every item in Charli Cohen's new range of active wear is super cool and we're coveting all of it.

Most of all, however, we want this kale t shirt.

Since the first time we saw someone rocking this at the gym, it's been on our wish list. You really need to see it in person to appreciate how super soft the material is.

We all love to eat healthy and we're all guilty of following faddy food trends from time to time, it's good to laugh at ourselves!

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tshirt yoga with adrienne

As inspirational slogan go, you can't really beat this top.

We want to have this tee in our wardrobes for those days when we need a gentle reminder to do things that make us feel good and makes the people around us feel good as well.

Adriene Mishler, the lady behind the t shirt is pretty inspirational in her own right as well!

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While this design looks simple, the runners in the office were all over this Nike design.

It's straight forward and unassuming, but still hitting the spirit of running dead on.

Nike has brought the tee out in for both men and women in a range of colours.

They are all made from Dri-FIT fabric which wicks away sweat, so you stay dry as you rack up the miles.

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Ok, ok... Maybe this one is a little on the cheesy side, but why not have one silly top in your gym stuff, right?

We like the fact that the slogan has nothing to do with getting a rocking bod, a rare feat in women's fitness motivation.

This tee made us grin when we first saw it. You're sure to spread a little sunshine around the gym when your rocking this look during a workout

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