outdoor lady

Have you ever found an amazing outdoor winter clothes company, only to discover they either only do a men's range? Or their female collection is seriously lacking?

Yeah, us too.

There are lots of awesome independent brands out there - from snowboard outerwear to cosy knitwear - all designed to keep us warm and looking good.

So, we've tracked down some of the best women's lines out there - from the independents who are changing how things are done, to the old brands who are making women's clothes with real quality...


We are all over Nikita's new 'grown up' line for 2015.

We recently caught up with the brand to talk about the new active wear range. Full of fantastic prints and daring shapes, the pieces give a chic edge to your overall look.

While the brand's kooky snow wear will still be keeping us warm in the snow, the new active wear range with its minimalist edge is kind of great.

No one can make us act like grown ups, but Nikita has convinced us to sometimes look like one...

misc ad

Miscellaneous Adventures is a brand that really makes us want to pack up our things and go live in a log cabin for a while.

This independent brand's products are all lovingly made by a group of enthusiastic artists. So you can soak up the real vibe of people who love the outdoors.

Hand tools are used to make the wooden items - axes and carving knives - and the brand works exclusively with trees from sustainable sources.

Go on their website and you'll get lost exploring through the products for hours.

We're seriously coveting this beanie...

Jottnar Alison Culshaw

We love the thinking behind Jottnar's clothing.

The brand say it's look expresses the mountains 'raging brutality, but also capture the purity and elegance of the Scandinavian landscape'. How awesome is that!

Jottnar is made up of mountaineers and former Royal Marines, so basically, they know how tough the clothes they make have to be.

The thing we love the most about this brand, however, is that their women's range is so gorgeous without losing any of that toughness that the brand set out with.

Have a look at their outerwear, with any of these pieces on, you can take on anything the mountain throws at you!


Finisterre's range of clothes for cold water surfers is something really special.

The Finisterre team only use ethically sourced materials and focus on making pieces that are sturdy enough to keep you in the ocean throughout the colder months of the year.

As well as all of this, their women's range is both amazingly wide ranging and super nice.

Finisterre's style somehow manages to keep the outdoor edge, while bringing in a simple, US vibe.

We would quite like a drawer full of their long sleeved tops please...


We wish we had a wardrobe full of prAna's clothing to delve into whenever we're not feeling fully our full badass selves.

This brand's women's range is so full of attitude, it jumps right out of the screen at you.

From their climbing range, which is full of popping colour, to their yoga pieces, which are effortlessly cool, it is impossible to feel anything less than fantastic carrying this awesome range.

Have a gander at them here, but be warned, your bank balance might not thank you for it...

mons r

The best thing about Mons Royale's women's range is that it can be worn everyday.

Whether your dressing for a day of action or just to hit the street, this brand with its urban edge can go from the slopes, to the studio, to the street.

It's outerwear is fab and made with real quality, but we've still got a soft spot for the hoodies in the line...


Sportalm calls itself luxe winter chic, and at first sight we thought it might be bit grown up for our liking.

However, flicking through their range we soon realised our mistake. Sportalm has managed to combine durability with the most feminine end of ski fashion incredibly well.

If you fancy getting something really special and giving yourself a treat, this brand's clothes have detailed cuts and body hugging shapes that make their clothes look totally different to anything else you'll see on the slopes.


The second of our chic options, this brand is over 80 years old and knows what its doing.

Bogner's ski range claims Olympic standard in all its pieces, while looking super rad at the same time.

One of the brands most recent ranges went retro, combining all the best parts of the history of ski clothing to make a best ever 'heritage' line.

If you're looking to get something with the quality to survive the worst you can through at it, these guys have got it for you.

Kirsteen Stewart

Based in a studio and shop in Scotland, this brand was born through a snowboarder turning her hand to making some awesome knitwear.

Kirsteen begins each collection by creating a hand drawn surface design or motif. From alpine to Moroccan styles, the range is inspired by the artists natural environment.

All products are made from Fair-Trade materials though knit, embroidery, digital printing, embossing, and laser cutting.

We love the unique feel to everything the brand makes and if our wage allowed, would be buying every single design available...