The brand spanking new Autumn Winter range from Avalaan has just been released and is available right now with both casual and technical wear to tickle your fancy.

The new all-in-one 'moonwalker' jacket makes a statement - it's big, baggy and green with go faster stripes for the optimum speed factor. Also the new 'Bloc Jacket' has a high breathability and waterproof reading, and boasts a series of hidden details and features for your delights.

There are also some quirky illustration based casual hoodies and tee shirts produced by those in the community that surrounds Avalaan, La Familia which show an insight into the weird and wonderful minds of these creative types through their vehicle of expression; doodling.

“We aim to use every median possible to display the artwork of ‘La Familia’, and so you will find many hidden pieces through all of Avalaan’s ranges. Its the things you have to find that count!’, Sam Windridge- Creative and Product Director.

This new range will be hitting stores soon, for more information on official Avalaan dealers and distributors, and all product details please visit