H&M Yoga Outfit Clothes

Yoga kit isn't all super expensive.

Yes, there are some brands that are happy to charge you more than a week's rent for a pair of leggings.

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However, there are plenty of clothing companies out there making radical kit costing less than a night out in London.

We've picked a few of our favourite outfits for under £30...

Decathlon Domyos Yoga Outfit Clothes

Price: £29.98

This top from Decathlon has a built-in sports bra with double straps for extra support. It's a fitted top, so you don't have to worry about it flipping over your head when you're in downward facing dog.

The leggings are made to match from Equarea fabric that absorbs and dries sweat quickly. The pattern is meant to echo your chakra paths. Nice!

Buy the Decathlon Domyos yoga top and leggings here

Forever 21 Yoga Outfit Clothes

Price: £20

Forever 21 is an American super brand that made it's way over to the UK a couple of years ago.

Their active range is rad. This is one of the coolest yoga tops we've seen around - and it's only £15. The shorts are only a fiver. Total bargain!

Buy the Forever 21 yoga top and shorts here

H&M Yoga Outfit Clothes

Price: £29.98

Since H&M launched their activewear range a couple of years ago, it's been a huge success.

Forget boring plain leggings - these guys are all about rad designs and awesome patterns.

We can't get enough of this snake skin-style get up - ideal for a hot bikram yoga session.

Buy the H&M sports bra and leggings here

Miss Guided Yoga Outfit Clothes

Price: £13

Have you noticed how all yoga bras are about the super cool double-crossover patterns at the moment?

This outfit from Missguided has a nice flash of colour, but isn't so bright that it makes you feel self-conscious.

And yes, that's actually how much they cost. I know, right?

Buy the Missguided sports bra and cropped leggings here

Sports Direct Adidas Miss Fiori Yoga Outfit Clothes

Price: £20.50

Sports Direct are a classic place to shop if you're looking for discounted fitness and yoga wear.

We're loving this super simple combination of an Adidas strap top and Miss Fiori leggings.

The price of these two together with literally make you gawp.

Buy the Adidas top and Miss Fiori leggings here

TK Maxx Reflex Yoga Outfit Clothes

Price: £24.98

It sometimes takes a bit of sifting to find an outfit you really like in TK Maxx.

We love this combination from Reflex. The top is made from lightweight stretchable fabric and the leggings are super cool and sweat-wicking.

You'll look awesome in your next class wearing this pair.

Buy the Reflex top and leggings here

Matalan Yoga Outfit Clothes

Price: £18

Sometimes you don't fancy wearing lycra to practice yoga. You just want a comfy pair of trackies. We feel you.

This get-up from Matalan is a nice combination. The top is made from sweat wicking material and has a hidden bra to keep you supported.

The bottoms are tapered, so you don't feel like their flapping around in warrior two.

Buy the Matalan top and tracksuit bottoms here