How often do you look at gear, be it for for biking, surfing, snowboarding or any other sport, and see that the female range is just a smaller, pinker version of the men's?

This 'shrink it and pink it' mentality is a problem for most manufacturers and many adventurous women choose to go for the men's range, to avoid their gear getting the Barbie treatment and looking like candyfloss on legs.

This is a problem for all women, but when it come to children's gear, it becomes even more an issue. Between the ages of 6 and 16, girls create their own identity and decide who they want to be. When your identity is constrained to a smaller, pinker version of a boy's, that subconsciously says something to a girl, and it's something that sticks.

This is why we're so stoked about Canyon Bikes new children's range.


This awesome new range is full of gender neutral gear, because adventure and being stoked doesn't have a gender.

From the apparel to the bikes themselves, these styles simply look like they're ready for a day playing outside.

While other brands claim that ditching the pink will hurt their sales, Canyon is proving this is rubbish and giving girls the gear they need!