Thought festival season wasn't quite here yet? We headed to Troyfest in Wales this weekend and discovered that it has very much begun....

If you haven't heard of Troyfest, it's a hybrid between a music festival and a three day house party in a country mansion and the surrounding land.

Pretty sweet, right?

We had no idea what to expect when heading into the wilderness of the Brecon Beacons last Friday to join the party for three days.

What we found was the friendliest festival any of us had ever been to, with the craziest parties to boot(on till at least 5am every night.)

As if you'd need any more convincing, check out some of our favourite acts from the weekend!

Inside the mansion secret rooms appeared and disappeared, there were swimming pools, burlesque dancers and hours of dancing.

Outside the mansion there were 1,000 of the coolest people you'll ever meet, wearing some super crazy and impressive outfits.

Here are some of our favourite outfits from the weekend.

Make sure we see you there next year!


This lady found something to do with last year's Christmas decorations...


THIS is the way to rock pastels.


How incredible is this Mucha unitard?!


Pretty flower girl!


Nailing laidback festival chic.


This looks like the perfect outfit to party in a field all night long...


60's vibe dress, 80's vibe jacket, Troyfest vibe outfit!


We love this crazy outfit, even if we are slightly disturbed by the Barbie legs headpiece..


Pattern clash done right (and a Bloody Mary for the hangover!)


Loving how much effort went into this DIY outfit!


Just in case it rains... (It did!)


This girl took the garden theme super literally, amazing!


Mad hatter goes to Torfest vibes.


The yoga teacher at the festival (this was her toned down daytime outfit!)


Can we wear skirts like that all the time, please?